Quality Approach

Our commitment


ince its formation, the aim of GROUPE LEDOUX has been to successfully support you in order to improve your quality, efficiency and profitability. we dedicate all our energy and skills to the optimiszation of your product. Therefore, We develop strong and privileged relationships with our customers. We are able to identify and analyse your needs providing the best solutions to guarantee the most profitable return on investment.
Your success is our raison d’être !

Our quality approach

Over the past several years, CYBERMECA and SRMO’s ISO 9001:2008 Certification has enhanced our customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system. GROUPE LEDOUX strives towards improvement and excellence.

In 2012, we initiated the extension of our Quality Certification to all the group’s activities:

HERMES Technologies : precision mechanics machining
SRMO Mulhouse : automation and electrical engineering