Special machines, automation and robotics equipment

CYBERMECA designs and manufactures effective means of production.

We design special machines for all major industrial sectors such as aerospace, automobile, defence, rail industry, etc.

Our modern and dedicated Research Department will ensure the success of your project.

CYBERMECA is based in PERIGNY. This location includes :

  • The Mechanical research department (software used : Solidworks, Catia …)
  • The Automation research department (CN NUM, Siemens, heidenhain control)
  • The Hydraulics research department
  • The assembly station for machines designed by the research departments
  • A fully equiped machine shop


CYBERMECA research departments are able to carry out studies based on finite elements modeling, design and manufacture of power stations, numerical-control programming, automatons, robots and vision systems. CYBERMECA also develops HMI (Human Machine Interface) based on cutting-edge programming as well as wiring and pneumatic diagrams.
Because of customers’ specific requirements, CYBERMECA integrates commonly used processes in the industry (Riveting, Vision, Datamatrix reading, RX Control, Robotics, Welding, Manufacturing, Micromechanics …).

We select universally recognized suppliers for serious process handling. Our goal is to ensure the reliability and performance of our machines throughout their programmed life.

CYBERMECA has ongoing cooperation with major industrial companies in demanding industries such as aeronautics, automobile, aerospace, armament or food-processing. This success is due to our multidisciplinary and versatile personnel.

Our work is strictly planned using the GPAO system, which enables us to trace our products from launch to delivery.

  • Riveting of panels for A320 and other aircraft models
  • 12 numerical axes / Rivet head and innovative station
  • Complex riveting cycle / High pace / Process reliability
  • Camera visualization


It is possible to integrate numerous options developed by Groupe LEDOUX such as : VAO, electric head, electric station, B Axis, different types of rivets …).

Our experience in special machines allows great flexibility on our riveting machines in order to offer you the best solutions. Rivet setting cycles and machines movement have been substantially improved thanks to constant technological evolution.

We select quality material and experienced suppliers to make our machines reliable. This reliability is already recognized by our customers in aeronautics fuselage manufacturing , which requires highly efficient equipments due to the cadence of machines.

  • Cleaning of engine carter for aeronautics
  • Cycle durability
  • User improved ergonomics
  • High level of cleaning

We can also develop cleaning equipments with 6 axis robots in order to satisfy the most demanding needs.

Research takes into account environmental issues noticeably water consumption during cleaning.

A HMI process control enables you to follow cleaning operations in real time as well as archiving data.

These machines can be manufactured for all types of industries.

  • Robotic TIG welding for aircraft engine parts
  • Complex set of tools / regulated temperature / gaseous protection
  • Two-sided simultaneous welding
  • Winch-view camera control
  • Ergonomic workstation

The strength of GROUPE LEDOUX is that we design the whole robotic cells including robot and tooling. This encompasses the mechanical engineering, automation, robotic integration and programming, welding optimization and also the development of specific welding tools.

As we are aware of the importance of equipment in the end result of welding, we dedicate our energy and skills to reach perfection in quality of tooling.

GROUPE LEDOUX study and achievement of complex tooling equipment offers a real productivity benefit for your automated installations.

– Aircraft non-destructive X-ray control of motor parts. Achievement of a tailored positioner dedicated to the complexity of parts to control.
– Two robots working simultaneously. The first one positions the film or RX Receptor and the second one manipulates the RX Canon and manages shooting.
– Protection cabin dedicated to the optimization of the customer’s application by managing parts loading/unloading issues, sensitive film shop and its prehension tooling.
– Cell controls ergonomics through an HMI developed by GROUPE LEDOUX in compliance with the customer’s needs.
– Film processing and management in order to satisfy customer’s quality control demands.

The study and achievement of the robotic cell enables GROUPE LEDOUX to improve machines in compliance with our customers needs.

  • Manufacturing of senstive parts inside a submarine
  • Very agressive environment
  • Careful machine ergonomics for use inside a difficult environment
  • Studies directed towards achievement of great compactness in compliance with applications
  • Security control of operators

Our extended experience in machines retrofitting and new special machines design enables us to provide strong, efficient and user-friendly equipment optimized for your work area.

  • Robotic cell with 3 robots working simultaneously
  • High pressure deburring (2000 bar) / drying
  • Handling / Collect / Assembly of very small parts
  • High tolerance
  • Compulsory cycle time and control
  • Process control

Our synergy in terms of mechanical and automation engineering enables us to design machines with great reliability and repeatability. Machines will therefore meet the most demanding productivity requirements.

– Electromechanical machines fabrication dedicated to the car industry with high levels of expectations in terms of :
. Precision (+/- 2 microns)
. Repeatability
. Cycle Time
. Traceability
. Reliability

– Development of the automatic device and HMI by CYBERMECA
– Integration of the electromechanical manufacturing process
– Compact machine easily transportable from one production site to the other

– Process control enabling follow-up and traceability of parts and assembling

GROUPE LEDOUX is unique as far as electromechanical manufacturing is concerned in the sense that we supply a global solution – from process integration to modules fabrication – in order to meet our customers needs in terms of quality, reliability and productivity.

We dispose of all means of production and therefore we guarantee maximum responsiveness. We will provide spare and wear parts for electromechanical manufacturing machines, which contribute to the performance and know-how at the heart of your business.

In addition to designing and developing special machines, we can manufacture all related tools required to obtain the best results in terms of cadence and quality. These tools are designed to optimize your production through efficient ergonomics.


The differents steps of a project :

10 key points to success :

  • Audit and consultancy
  • Analysis – Consideration – Recommendation
  • Requirements and specifications
  • Project development / CAD project design
  • Work on machine (material / method integration)
  • On-site integration
  • Training
  • Installation follow-up / Compliance with objectives
  • On-site performance analysis
  • Maintenance

Manufacturing process integration

Cybermeca is able to carry out a cutting-edge manufacturing process management through highly qualified and multidisciplinary technicians.

We have acquired a solid experience in robotics, vision, nondestructive testing, arc and laser welding, aircraft riveting, manufacturing, micromechanics, electrochermistry …

Our control engineers handle the integration of all technologies on our machines and manage HIM development tools, digital control and various programming methods.

Autonomy of our means

CYBERMECA’s autonomy is due to a careful management of all activities inside the group. We dispose of our own means : research, manufacturing, assembly, metal workshop, painting and control.